About Us

Talahi-Lincoln Community PTA (TLC PTA)

We are a dedicated group of parents, teachers, staff, and community members gathered to support both Lincoln Elementary School (3-5) and Talahi Community School (K-2).

To read more about the rules and regulations of Talahi-Lincoln Community PTA choose one of the following:

Current Officers:

  • President: Erik Orton
  • Vice President: Catherine Talkalai
  • Treasurer: Lydia Dieterich
  • Secretary: Trina Orton
  • Fundraising Chairman: Brenda Bankers

Websites & Social Media:

  • Facebook: Talahi Lincoln Community PTA
  • Crowd Funding: 
  • JOIN US! Go to our MemberHub Store to become a member of TLC PTA. The membership is $10.00 a year (with a $0.58 fee to become a member online).
    • If you don’t want to pay the fee, you can join via any officer or school!